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Meet a legacy of Grand Slam Championships. The Pro Staff Family has been cherished by the game's greatest icons, including Federer, Sampras, Edberg and Courier. The legendary braided graphite construction provides the perfect blend of control and feel.Tags: Wilson,Tennis
Designed and developed to enhance power and spin for a wide range of player types and skill levels, the new Juice and new Steam both offer a lighter-weight and more forgiving, modern frame design in mid-plus headsizes to provide more power and more spin. Each has its own unique, modern feel for both aggressive baselines and players looking for...
Sure to be the "envy" of everyone on your court. The Envy provides the aspiring adult or transitioning junior a full size value packed performer. Tremendous BLX feel and ample power to make for a winning combinationTags: Wilson,Tennis
The new Four provides high power, excellent maneuverability and tremendous versatility with great feel due to BLX technology combined with Hammer weighting.Tags: Wilson,Tennis
The "modern game" is all about spin and Wilson understands spin like no other brand. Steam rackets are engineered for hard-hitting players who use spin to curve the ball's flight and control the game. Our revolutionary Spin Effect Technology is the first racket system that actually INCREASES the RPM of every shot by maximizing spin-enhancing...
The new Two is one of the lightest racquets ever made and provides tremendous maneuverability. High power shots are easy to hit due to Hammer weighting and Double Hole grommetsTags: Wilson,Tennis
Experience a control racket for the modern, aggressive game. Designed for hard hitting, aggressive players. Upgraded with Amplifeel for enhanced feel and a new construction for increased performance. As the choice of many tour Next Gen players, the new Blade is the future of controlTags: Wilson,Tennis
The new Juice 100 takes power to a whole new level. It's upgraded with Amplifeel 360 for a big power boost without the harsh feel common to high power rackets. Wilson's new Parallel Drilling system keeps that extreme power feeling comfortable. The Juice 100 is ideal for modern players wanting to max out their power potential on every shot.Tags:...
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