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The Wilson H1810 Volleyball Tube is a nylon tube style bag that holds up to six volleyballs and is ventilated for easy drying. Includes a shoulder strap for easy transport.Tags: Wilson,Volleyball
Synthetic leather cover for standard durability * Sponge backed cover for softer feel * Butyl rubber bladder for extended air retention. Available in White, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, and YellowTags: Wilson,Volleyball
Value and durability gives this volleyball the benefits to last a hard fought season on the volleyball courts, while beginning the game of volleyball.
he Impact volleyball boasts a composite leather cover, paired with would-carcass construction to give the player a great feel and ultimate durability. After a season of play, this indoor volleyball will still be ready to start the off-season training.tags: wilson, volleyball, indoor
New Official Game Ball of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour * Premium microfiber compostite leather cover * Durable alternative to leather with greater resistance to dirt and less moisture absorbency * 18 panel hand sewn construction * Made to the highestTags: Wilson,Volleyball
Canada Gold Official Outdoor Volleyball. High grade composite , hand sewn, soft touch. Size 5.Tags: Wilson,Volleyball
Microfiber composite leather cover * 18 panel hand sewn construction * Reinforced Lining * Butyl rubber bladderTags: Wilson,Volleyball
Canada Replica Beach Volleyball . Foam backed PVC provides a soft "no sting" cover material Butyl rubber bladder offers excellent air and shape retention .18 panel machine sewn construction . Official size and weightTags: Wilson,Volleyball
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