shipping image.jpegFree shipping within Canada on all orders over $49
At, standard shipping by UPS and Canada Post is free within Canada on all orders over $49, before taxes
Surcharges may be applied in cases where box dimension, weight, or remoteness of delivery address are exceptional. It is simple to know if you apply for standard delivery while you are shopping on our site by reading below
How to check if my order, which is over $49, will be eligible for free standard shipping within Canada?
To know if your purchase qualifies for free standard shipping, simply add the item(s) to your shopping cart. While viewing the complete contents of your shopping cart, you may ask for a shipping estimate after you enter your country, province, and postal code by clicking “Get a Quote.” A menu entitled “Choose a shipping option” will appear below, indicating the shipping methods available to you, as well as the delivery dates and respective prices of each method. You will then be able to see if your order qualifies for free standard shipping with UPS and/or Canada Post.
How to obtain the estimated delivery cost of my order How to obtain the estimated delivery cost of my order How to obtain the estimated delivery cost of my order
If the standard method of shipping indicates a fee, this is either due to the remoteness of the delivery address, the dimensions of the order, or the exceptional weight of the order. We work hard to minimize these surcharges by negotiating the best possible prices with the courier companies, and by assuming most of the shipping fees for almost all of these situations. Canada, as we know, is a vast country and so a line must be drawn to render our business viable in the long-term. We appreciate your understanding.
How to obtain the estimated date of delivery of my order?
In your cart, click “Proceed to checkout.” In the section called “Shipping Method” you will see the estimated delivery dates of each shipping choice.
Estimated date of delivery
How much will my shipping fees be (if indeed I have any)?
Follow these guidlines, and select a shipping method in the drop down menu. In this menu you will see the shipping fees of each shipping choice.
How to follow the processing of your order?
Here are the steps to follow:
How to follow the processing of your order? How to follow the processing of your order? How to follow the processing of your order?
  1. Connect to your account
  2. Click on “My Orders/ initiate a return” on the left
  3. Select the order in question by clicking “View Order” on the right of the order you wish to view
Below is a brief list of terms to help you understand the lingo:
  • New: your order has been placed, but not processed yet
  • Processing: your order is being processed at the warehouse
  • On hold: your order is being processed, but is waiting on further information
  • Complete: your order is either being picked up by the courier or has already been shipped
  • Cancelled: your order has been cancelled and not charged
In-Store Pickup: a practical and free option
If you happen to live near our Toronto store, you may also pick up your order from that store, without paying any shipping fees. Simply choose this option when you are at the stage of choosing your shipping method in your shopping cart. Expect a delay of 7 to 8 business days for this shipping option. This delay exists because transfers from our warehouse to the stores occur only once a week. You will be contacted by telephone once the store has received your order. For security reasons, we oblige you to bring a printout of your receipt, the credit card used to pay for the order, and 2 pieces of identification when you pick up your order. You will also be asked to sign a document attesting to the pickup.